open platform for interaction between software products
for manufacturers and sellers of windows, doors, facades, glass products and double-glazed windows, winDraw, winFlex users will get access to this platform before anyone else
almost all software products and services will be able to use the platform at any time

As of the end of 2018 everything is documented in full swing
development and standardization in the framework of ATSoft products
pilot projects are planned for 2019 together with an increase in audience

How it works
we create uniform standards
description and calculation
of the composition of products
Calculation of materials
Each manufacturer standardizes the principles of calculating the materials necessary for the production of its products
Product pricing
Several basic formulas for calculating the cost of production and the ability to add new ones in order to centrally control the correctness of calculations
Calculation of restrictions
Adjustment and analysis of technological features and limitations for product design and correct ordering
Employees work
Setup and analysis of the calculation of the necessary work and operations on orders and their positions performed by employees
CNC equipment operations
Setting the rules for positioning operations for cutting and processing material blanks to form equipment job files
WEB interfaces for configuration
All the above types of product calculation composition can be configured using WEB interfaces or transferred from desktop software
JavaScript engine
for calculations
Settings in JSON-format give the engine, which works the same way with these settings in the browser of a desktop computer,
smartphone or tablet
Same and correct calculations on any device
Thanks to the universal JS-engine based on V8 WebKit, the same code is executed on any devices. The cost can now be considered on the smartphone, without attracting servers
Sharing Settings
Small amount of data for settings
allows you to store any version centrally
Order exchange
Through our gateway, you can exchange
not only settings